How it Works

When any of the tracking actions occur, transparently in the background, the end-user’s browser contacts your MeasureHound campaign designation, which then logs many points of data about the user’s location, browser and device. Depending on your ad campaign settings, and the type of request being made, an image or video of your choosing is displayed to the user, a file is provided to the user for downloading, or the browser is redirected to your campaign redirect URL, which can be any web address (URL) that you designate. This is all transparent to the user, which creates a seamless and friendly user experience for your audience.
Campaigns vs. Lead Sources
In short, Campaigns are used to separate and isolate statistics for a unique project, while Lead Sources are used to further define and isolate different sources of advertising and marketing within the same campaign. Lead Sources can be considered sub-parts of campaigns; therefore, you can have campaigns without adding different lead sources, but you can’t create lead sources without linking them to a campaign.   Learn more about campaigns and lead sources...
Tracking Codes

All MeasureHound campaigns and lead sources require the use of a unique code. This code is used to differentiate between campaigns or lead sources as well as the content being delivered, like a link, image, QR code, video, or file download. The unique codes guarantee that all statistics for your project are valid and recorded against the proper campaign or lead source.

There are three types of tracking codes offered with MeasureHound services; Standard, Select, and Premium. There are no additional fees associated with using a Standard Tracking Code or Select Tracking Code above the original purchase price, while Premium Tracking Codes are leased for a monthly fee, but during this lease no one else may ever use that code. This is often used for name brand products and companies or corporation names.   Learn more about tracking codes...

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