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Product Monthly Cost
Basic Campaign $3.95
Select Campaign $5.95
Lead Sources - 3 Pack $4.95
Lead Sources - 5 Pack $7.95
Lead Sources - 10 Pack $14.95
Lead Sources - 25 Pack $29.95
Custom Domain Name Subscription * $9.95
* Requires a one-time $49 setup fee
Basic Campaign Tracking Code Formats
Basic campaign tracking codes are a unique combination of 9 alphanumeric digits and are created automatically by the system when a campaign is created. These codes cannot be changed and are unique to your campaign or lead source. Basic campaign tracking codes can be used interchangeably with or without dashes to make them more legible in both digital and print advertising materials. In our example below, we have used one of our Short Domain Names, as our chosen domain name, but you can also use your own domain name. The format of the Basic campaign tracking code is listed below in orange with and without dashes.
Basic URL with dashes:
Basic URL without dashes:
Select Campaign Tracking Name Formats
Select campaign tracking names are more user friendly and can be used in place of the basic campaign tracking codes. Tracking names allow you to more clearly define your marketing campaigns to your audience within the link itself, which makes it much more appealing for print advertising. Just like basic campaign tracking codes, tracking names, listed below in orange, can also be used with both MeasureHound short domain names or your own domain names.
Select URL:
Select URL:
Lead Sources
Often campaigns are used to track an advertising or marketing campaign, newsletter, etc. that will be displayed or used in many different sources or sent through different digital methods. While the advertising campaign is the same, each of the lead sources should be tracked separately to determine which source has the most return on investment. Lead Sources are used as the mechanism to track each of these advertising sources within the same campaign. You can purchase lead sources in packs of 3, 5, 10, and 25, and then they can be used in any denomination freely across any of your campaigns.
Custom Domain Name Subscription
You can use your own domain name with our tracking system by purchasing a Custom Domain Name subscription. Any domain prefix can be used with your own domain name in your advertising. The format of a custom domain names is [prefix].[YourWebsiteName].[YourWebsiteSuffix]. An example of this could be, where ‘Go’ is the prefix, ‘MeasureHound’ is your domain name, and ‘.com’ is your domain suffix. The prefix can be a combination of one or more alphanumeric characters. Listed below in orange are just a few examples of domain name prefixes that could be used with your own domain name.
Domain Format Example: My.[YourWebsiteName].com
Domain Format Example: 123.[YourWebsiteName].com
Domain Format Example: Support.[YourWebsiteName].com
Domain Format Example: Go.[YourWebsiteName].com
Domain Format Example: Shop.[YourWebsiteName].com
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